Rockville Short Break

Rockville Short Break is a registered respite facility situated in Plymstock, Plymouth and provide 1:1 respite to people with learning and physical disabilities and sensory impairments.
Rockville support adults between 18 to 65 years with all aspect of care needs including epilepsy, NG feeding, PEG feeding, nebuliser and oxygen support. Rockville is designed to provide individual a safe space to relax, have fun and continuity of care that they receive in their own home. Rockville gives families and carers the opportunity to take a break from caring and to relax.

The facility offers bespoke respite packages suited to each individual needs. Rockville and its motivated staff team provide support with the involvement and input from the individuals, their families and advocates. The dedicated and fully trained staff team focus on the promotion of individual’s right through effective care planning and non-restrictive risk assessment.

We are committed to offering a modern respite facility that is safe, non-restrictive, and adapted to meet individual physical and emotional needs. Rockville offers 2 double bedrooms with bespoke equipment, two specially equipped bathrooms, lounge area, kitchen and laundry room. Rockville has a large and accessible garden, designed to provide a stimulating and safe environment.

Rockville offer a wide range of indoors and outdoors activities to fit in with people needs and interests. We encourage people using the facility to participate and to try new activities and experiences.


To discuss your requirements and to find out more about what we offer in your area, please contact the relevant manager as detailed below.

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Contact Details

Faye Slyde
2 Rockville Park
01752 402839